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It Started, Quite Simply, Like This...

花酒藏 Aplus Dining Sake Bar started in Taipei 1997, has undergone three transformations in the process of redefining and refining the term ‘Fusion Japanese Cuisine’. Finally, the outcome was an immensely relaxing yet neo-modern and stylish dining experience. Being the first to introduce the ‘western’ style of Japanese cuisine to Taiwan, 花酒藏 Aplus Dining Sake Bar currently offers the widest variety of sake choices, and sake inspired cocktails in Taipei, served only by professionally trained sake bar tenders of the highest calibre.

The Aplus chef menu was then created in 2013 with the goal of turning a traditional dining experience into something with a little bit more ‘swank’ and ‘finesse’. Diners are able to enjoy a cosier level of privacy whilst indulging in a plethora of choices made with the freshest of current as well as seasonal ingredients in every bite.

And now, Hana Dining and Sake Bar is here, bringing the passion for culinary delights and the idea of bridging the best of both the east, and the west and advocate a modern dining experience inspired through Japanese and Western cuisines along with the marriage of Sake and Whiskey (Sa’key’) for the bold and discerning diner.

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From food to fixtures, we’re all about fusion

Hana Dining and Sake Bar brings a gastronomical experience that is sure to delight your senses through borderless Japanese cuisine. Infused with the impact of western food cultures, and the abundance of sake and whiskey choices, everything is wrapped up in one stylish and friendly dining atmosphere.

The Bar

Thirst quenching at its finest

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From tipsy to non-tipsy, find something to quench your thirst

From beers to wines, cocktails, mocktails, juices and everything in between, there’s sure to be something to satisfy your thirst! For the daring, experience our new fusion of Sake’s and Whiskey’s called Sa’key’ and unleash your senses into a new world of flavours.

And if you still prefer things done your way, our bottle service aims to serve the truest of connoisseurs.

With our philosophy of “whiskey is meant for your mouth, not your shelves”, you won’t be disappointed with our enthusiasm for sharing some of the world’s best spirits.

From tipsy to non-tipsy, find something to quench your thirst
Take your dinner party to the bar and enjoy the cool, calm and sexy atmosphere, only just across the hall! Dimply lit for that touch of elegance, the space within boasts a sense of sophistication and speaks volumes of what lies beyond from the moment you enter. Entertainment and light fare sets the mood for this modern Izakaya inspired bar making it the perfect place for a dram or two.

Dish Highlights

Feeling Peckish?



  1. Ika kyuuri

             Ika kyuuri

  2. Tsuke Shiro Maguro

    Tsuke Shiro Maguro

  3. Mixed Salad Thumbnail

           Gyu Tataki


  1. Hana Sashimi Moriawase

    Sashimi Moriawase

  2. Ume Sashimi Moriawase

    Ume Sashimi Moriawase


  1. Shake Kawa Salada

    Shake Kawa Salada

  2. Gobou Salad

         Gobou Salad

  3. Wafu Kaisen Salad

    Wafu Kaisen Salad


  1. Namakaki


  2. Namakaki Aburi Yaki

    Namakaki Aburi Yaki

Soup & Simmered dishes

  1. Gindara Sakamushi

    Gindara Sakamushi

  2. Dobin Mushi

         Dobin Mushi

Nigiri sushi

  1. Engawa


  2. ume nigiri moriawase

    Ume Nigiri Moriawase


  1. Salmon On Fire Maki

    Salmon On Fire Maki

  2. Cheese Maki

          Cheese Maki


  1. Soft Shell Crab Karaage

    Soft Shell Crab Karaage

  2. Ebi Tempura

          Ebi Tempura


  1. kani karaage

    Soft Shell Crab Temaki & Unagi Avocado Temaki

  2. engawa temaki

       Engawa Temaki


  1. Beef Teppanyaki

        Beef Teppanyaki

  2. Chicken Teppanyaki

    Chicken Teppanyaki


  1. Lamb Ponzu

          Lamb Ponzu

  2. Beef Teriyaki

          Beef Teriyaki


  1. sukiyaki nabi

         Sukiyaki Nabi

  2. ishikari nabe

         ishikari nabe

menrui / gohan

  1. Saba Gohan

        Saba Gohan

  2. Hokkai Kaisen Soba/Udon

    Hokkai Kaisen Soba/Udon


  1. kanpachi don

       shake don

  2. Unadon



  1. tofu cheesecake

    tofu cheesecake

  2. Shiro Goma Ice Cream

    Shiro Goma Ice Cream

Privatised Dining Rooms
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