Summer Seasonal Dish

Available from 1st July 2019 till 30th September 2019

Japan Bluefin Tuna on Sushi Rice


One of the most alluring seasonal dishes has arrived! Maguro Don or better known as Japanese Bluefin Tuna on Sushi Rice. Bluefin is often sought after for its distinctively intense marbling where the belly fats literally fall apart in your mouth with umami.


minced cream croquette


Using the original recipe from Japan, the seasoned chef has since transformed the usual mundane crabstick meat into addictively moreish cream croquettes that would leave you asking for more after the first bite!

No wonder it is touted as one of Chef’s recommended item!


Roast Duck Breast with portherb mustard salad


Next Seasonal Menu: Roast Duck Breast with Potherb Mustard Salad.


It’s a scrumptious Pan-Asian fusion where the Japanese element is delicately fused with the Western culinary influence. Each dainty slice of roast duck meat is tenderly wrapped with rocket leaves and then served with Chef’s special handmade sauce. Try it today!


Salangidea Fish tempura


One of the popular Seasonal Menu- Salangidae Fish Tempura!

Salangidae Fish or better known as Japanese icefish is a species of icefish that is translucent in nature.

Normally this type of slender fish is rarely found at other Japanese restaurant but undeniably, is one of the best dishes to be served alongside beer.

It’s not surprising to learn that it is one of Hana Dining Sake’s best hot selling item!


Pickled radish


The cooling radish is delicately sliced for the pleasant mouthfeel and then pickled with the right note of marinade to give it that zesty tang!

It is very appetizing and the perfect companion to any dishes as it harmoniously combined the flavor of sweet and sour with tad of crunchiness too.
Check it out soon!

IMG_5586 copy.JPG

Fish cake tempura salad


Love your tempura to be healthier?

Then give this Fish Cake Tempura Salad at try!

Each crispy Tempura Fish Cake is served with fresh vegetables, seaweed and accompanied with Chef’s special handmade sauce for that toothsome enjoyment.

A case of simplicity is the best!