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Our Story

Hana Dining Group (HDG) is introduced to Malaysia from Taiwan in 2015, setting a stardard to deliver a whole new modern Japanese dining experience. Nether fast food nor slow food: HDG is all about Fresh Food, because we prepare healthy food using fresh, quality products. 


All of our dishes are prepared upon order using the finest imported ingredients as well as fresh sourced from the local market. At HDG, you choose what you want and how you want it, and we’ll cook it there and then, so you can enjoy the best cuisine embodying our culture “Sexy Ambience . Great Food . Good People . Chill Music”. 


Be part of us today, as there is certainly something for everyone “Itadakimasu!”




尚 ~ 时尚的餐饮空间设计;

味 ~ 舞动味蕾的餐饮美食;

情 ~ 人情味在于宾至如归的感觉;

音 ~ 不同时段 不同的音乐旋律。



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